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Confessions - 2010 - Tetsuya Nakashima
匿名: When and who was your last relationship?

umm let’s see. Her name was Chelsea Wallace. It was in my tenth grade so about 5 years ago or 6 years ago.

Wow time has gone by so fast.

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metaltextnv: Are you feelin on my dick Brandon?! LMFAO JKJKJK Hahahahha I dont know WHY I FELT LIKE MIMICKING THAT ANON QUESTION Hahahahha LOVE YOU TOO BRO! Night!

LOL jimmy, you’re literally one of the best people ever. I dont know why we don’t hang out more. I’m going to hit you up more often!

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匿名: are you interested in anyone?

nope. im not feeling anyone at the moment. why?

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匿名: Are you bi? Serious question.

in terms of labeling things, at this moment, im not sure. Yes, I am attracted to both sexes. Im learning how to be more honest with myself.

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message me if anything. im an open book tonight

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