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Promise Nothing Just do what you most enjoy doing. Hidden benefit: You will always over-deliver.
Offer Nothing Just share what you have with those who express an interest in it. Hidden benefit: Takes the pressure off of wanting other people to see you as valuable or important.
Expect Nothing Just enjoy what you already have. It’s plenty. Hidden benefit: You will realize how complete your life is already.
Need Nothing Just build up your reserves and your needs will disappear. Hidden benefit: You boundaries will be extended and filled with space.
Create Nothing Just respond well to what comes to you. Hidden benefit: Openness.
Hype Nothing Just let quality sell by itself. Hidden benefit: Trustability.
Plan Nothing Just take the path of least resistance. Hidden benefit: Achievement will become effortless.
Learn Nothing Just let your body absorb it all on your behalf. Hidden benefit: You will become more receptive to what you need to know in the moment.
Become No One Just be more of yourself. Hidden benefit: Authenticity.
Change Nothing Just tell the truth and things will change by themselves. Hidden benefit: Acceptance.
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